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About Us

Welcoming Parents to Wellness

Akwaaba is a twi word from the Akan tribe that means Welcome! It is a common expression of the people of Ghana. When our founder, Morenike stepped off the plane in Accra, Ghana at the Kotoka International Airport, this was the first word she heard as she was greeted by many and she felt at home.


We want you to feel taken care of when you work with us, Akwaaba represents all that we offer to families!  We are welcoming families to find wellness and balance through many of the major life changes we all experience.  Rather you are getting married, married, ready to start a family,  pregnant, parenting, or learning to manage as an adult we understand that receiving knowledge on how to apply traditional practices and holistic approaches from trained professionals can help you feel prepared.

We support families and strive to make holistic care a cultural norm.  Rather it is preparing for marriage, an unmedicated birth, providing human milk for your infant, or raising a family.  We are here to share energy work, teach traditional practices, and guide you with methods that will help you achieve your goals.    


Akwaaba Wellness is dedicated to supporting and helping families as they go through new journeys. By providing prenatal education, home visits, hospital visits, and holistic care, we help bridge gaps and improve infant and maternal health. It is our desire to support families by using traditional and holistic methods that use mindfulness to cultivate solutions that are nurturing.  

We also serve our community by offering monthly parent support groups. These groups give families the opportunity to get questions answered, bond with peers, and receive local resources such as diapers, education, car seats, and more.  We are focused on providing traditional methods of family-driven support that respects family culture and values.

Explore Our Services: 
  • Virtual/In-Person Lactation Wellness Consulting

  • Holistic Birth/Postpartum Doula Services

  • Prenatal Meditation/Reiki Sessions

  • Spiritual & Personal Development Sessions

  • Holistic Couples Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution Support 

Sleeping Baby

We're 5-Star Rated!

I have been beyond blessed to have met Morenike and attended her support groups. The wealth of information, her warm nature, her genuine interest in ensuring these babies are well cared for and fed is beyond measure. Thank you for all you do!

Alexine D.

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