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The Holistic Doula Code of Ethics

The following Holistic Doula Ethics has been adopted by Akwaaba Wellness and A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute as the primary code of ethics that are in alignment with both national and international doula and birth organization standards. It is our charge to every Holistic Doula that is trained and certified through the Holistic Doula Certification Program to adhere to every ethic outlined below as a method of maintaining professionalism and care of every client of service.

I. Code of Conduct 
1.    Display and perform with the highest standards of professional integrity.
2.    Maintain professional business standards according to state and federal laws. 
3.    Remain proficient, professional, and progressive in all present and future doula services.
4.    Uphold a standard of consistent continuing education bi-annually.
5.    Seek out and maintain professional affiliations to establish a network of support.
6.    Attend conferences/conventions to maximize available growth potential resources.

II. Responsibility to Clients 
1.    The doula’s clients are her number one priority.
2.    The doula respects her client’s privacy with complete professional confidence.
3.    The doula provides all stated services in her professional portfolio.
4.    The doula advises and educates accord to her scope of training.
5.    The doula will work with confidence in fulfilling all agreed obligations to each client.
6.    The doula will clearly state her fees for service to be rendered including payment options and refund policy.
7.    The doula will always make the appropriate referrals for the client’s safety and needs.
8.    The doula does not make decisions for her clients.

III. Responsibility to the Doula Profession 
1.    Treat all birth professionals with respect. 
2.    Do not interfere with a client’s medical care.
3.    Bring value to the doula profession one client at a time.
4.    Create a unique mission of service that answers the need to expand the profession.
5.    Help increase the integrity of the doula professional with excellent service to all clients.

Policies and Procedures

- Please Read Thoroughly-

Complete and electronically sign the Policies and Procedures form at registration. 


Class Attendance: 
Attendance at all of the sessions is mandatory.  Please be on time for all classes. Non-participation makes you ineligible for the Holistic Doula Certificate. 

Class Participation: 
You will be asked to participate in class during the program. You will get supportive feedback from your peers and from the program facilitators. Participate fully during classes, paired work and group discussions, review your notes often, take quizzes, exams, and do your homework to the best of your ability.  Participate in the required educational lectures. demonstrations, and role playing.


The Holistic Doula Workshop Manual is for your use only. You may print it for your own reference and may not share the pdf or printed manual. No recording and pictures of the doula training PowerPoint or manual unless permission is given. Also, be kind, respectful, and honor privacy. 


This course is non-refundable and non-transferable. All transactions are final.


If you complete the online training, you will receive a Provisional Certificate (Certificate of Attendance).  Once you fulfill one of the Pathways, you will be issued a Certified Holistic Birth and/or Postpartum Doula Certificate. Once certified, you can use the appropriate initials behind your name.

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