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Holistic Doula Training FAQ's

We have provided you with a list of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to provide quick answers to common questions about our Holistic Doula Training. If you don't find an answer to your question here, you can always contact us for further assistance. We look forward to helping you.

Are there makeup days or will the training be recorded? There are no makeup days or recordings at this time. Paid participants may contact us if there’s an exceptional need to be discussed.

I can’t make the next training, will there be future training? Yes! However, space is limited; early registration is encouraged. Be sure to subscribe to our email list for updates!

How long is the training and what are the required hours? The Holistic Birth & Postpartum Doula Training will be conducted virtually via Zoom. The classes will be held on Fridays 6-9pm EDT, Saturdays 8am-4pm EDT, or Sundays 8am-4pm EDT. See website for full schedules. Classes and assignments are a total of 200 contact hours, which includes 40 physical hours of instructor-led training. Attendance is required for all hours. We will have breaks and a 60-minute lunch break each day. We also have an optional Virtual Wellness Wednesday Workshop in the middle of the class schedule. This 3-hour session will have wellness demos (meditation, sound therapy, affirmations, etc) and a time for Q & A.

Can my children be present? We welcome nurslings and non-crawling or walking babies, we recommend that you have a caregiver nearby to care for your little one during non-feeding times. If you have children that will not distract you or the instructors then they can be quiet in the background. Our workshop is a professional setting and highly interactive and we want you to be available to participate in the hands-on activities.

What is the financial investment? Currently, our standard full price for your investment is $1500. This cost can be made back by providing Holistic Doula services to one client. The cost includes the six-day intensive workshop, hands-on demonstrations, a comprehensive electronic Holistic Doula Handbook Manual, handouts, resources, one educational midwifery e-book, your electronic Provisional Certificate, Certification Pathways, and your electronic official Certified Holistic Doula Certificate. There is an additional $25 fee for all mailed certificates.

Are supplies for demonstrations and books needed for assignments included in the cost? No. Books can be purchased from Amazon or borrowed from your local library. Supplies can be ordered online or purchased from most major retailers.

What items/books are required for the Holistic Birth and/or Postpartum Training? Here is the list of the supplies needed for class and that will assist you during the hands-on demonstrations: Required Books • The Doula Book by Klaus, Klaus and Kennell • The Birth Partner by Penny Simpkin • Maternity Reiki by K.Akua Gray • Mothering the New Mother by Sally Placksin Items Needed: • Comfort Measures with Yoga Ball - One Exercise Ball (Labor/Birthing Ball)- 55cm(S), 65cm(M) or 75cm(L) • Rebozo for Comfort Measures and Labor Positions- One of these will work -Traditional Rebozo Shawl - Large winter Scarf - Large Shawl • Belly Binding- you can buy the bind already made or make your own or use a scarf or fabric 9 inches wide and 16 yards long, breathable non-stretchy cotton, usually muslin, is the normal amount used. • Baby Wearing - one of the following will work - Baby Wrap Carrier - Cotton - Breathable & Adjustable - for Infant, Newborn, Toddler -Moby Wrap/Boba Baby Wrap - 4 yards of fabric - Flat Twin/Full Bed Sheet • Here are the ingredients for Postpartum Protein Snack Balls/Lactation Cookies that you will present on Sunday during our demo time. 1 cup oats ⅔ cup unsweetened coconut flakes ½ cup flax meal 1 Tbsp chia seeds 1 Tbsp hemp hearts ½ cup nut butter or sunflower seed butter ½ cup honey Optional additions: cocoa powder, handful of chocolate chips, chopped dried fruit, nuts, seeds. Mix all ingredients together and roll into balls. Store in the refrigerator.

Do I need to register by a certain date? Yes! To ensure proper space for our students, registration will close one week before the online training date. If any spaces remain after that date, they will be available on a first-come-first-served basis by contacting us directly. Book early to ensure your spot.

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