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Mother Baby Bonding

Wellness. Support. Knowledge.

Welcoming Parents to Lactation Wellness

What is Lactation Wellness?

Our goal is to support your family with caring for your baby.  Lactation Wellness is providing space for parents to meet their lactation goals with confidence and assurance.  When the nursing parent feels supported, relaxation, and comfort emerge and that makes the ability to feed easier.  We take an holistic and wellness approach to infant feeding.  It is important for the parents to feel supported and knowledgeable. 


Knowledge and education empower parents to feed and care for their infant with confidence. We prepare you with tools to meet your needs and to ease your mind.  We understand that you want to feed and care for your baby.  We are here to support you, rather you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, combo feeding, exclusively pumping or a mix of them all we can help you meet your infant feeding needs.


Book a free 15 minute consultation to meet with an IBCLC and Newborn Care Specialist.  We will discuss your current feeding concerns, and provide you with guidance to determine if you need a full assessment and consultation. We're here to support you through your parenting journey!  

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