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Upcoming Events

Akwaaba Village 

We all need a village! Contact us to learn more about support groups and opportunities to meet other new parents.  

Our groups offer a safe and welcoming environment where you can share your
experiences, ask for advice, and receive encouragement. Whether you are expecting, a
first-time parent, or have several children, we’re here for you! Although we welcome
parents of all backgrounds and identities, we understand the critical needs of those who
identify as BIPOC. While our groups are inclusive and respectful of diverse perspectives
and experiences, we will prioritize issues and concerns facing people of color.

We understand that parenting can be overwhelming at times, and we are here to help
you navigate the ups and downs of raising children. Our group is led by experienced
facilitators who are trained to offer emotional support and guidance.

We meet monthly to discuss various parenting topics, such as child development,
behavior management, self-care, and more. You will have the opportunity to learn from
other parents, as well as share your own insights and strategies.

Joining our parent support groups can help you:
✔️Reduce stress and anxiety
✔️Build a network of supportive friends
✔️Learn new parenting skills and techniques
✔️Boost your confidence as a parent
✔️Feel heard and understood

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