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Wednesdays Awakenings

In order to achieve our goals, we must have courage. Courage to step out of our comfort zone and remove the obstacles that we have created that stop us from being the version of who we want to be.

We can not let self doubt and fear drive our spirits, we must allow our true selves to guide us in the vibration of our goals. Allowing our divine beings to lead takes courage.

I have been talking about sharing on Wednesdays and I have put it off so many times because of fear, but today I step out in courage! Who wants to join me in being courageous,? Doing those things that you know your higher self wants to see manifest, takes courage. We got this! We will succeed!

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2 comentarios

Love this Morenike! I am RIGHT there with you!

-Krystal (New York)

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Yes we have to tap into our center and solar plexus to get the fire we need to step out! So happy you are joining me on the journey to accepting our strength and power!

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